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Demand for New Care Homes Rising
03 Sep
The Office for National Statistics predicts a 36% growth in persons aged 85+ between 2015 and 2025, from 1.5 million to 2 million. This growth is expected to lead to a substantial increase in demand for care home services. At this time it’s vital that new care homes are being built as the demand for care home places is expected to rise steadily over the next 5-10 years. It is estimated that at least an extra 6,700 net new places will be needed each year to 2020 to satisfy demand in both the public and private care home sectors.

At Heatcare, we are currently working on 1040 beds and 170 apartments in total – which means we are currently helping to secure approximately 12% of the demand for new beds per annum. We are proud to be working alongside clients such as Lawrence Care, Care UK, Hamberley , Barchester, Hallmark, Berkeley Care, Caring Homes and and Maria Mallaband Care Group.
Blenheim Court, Liss
02 May

Close to the Hampshire village of Liss and surrounded by countryside, Blenheim Court offers a ‘luxury age-exclusive lifestyle in an idyllic environment’, comprising of 60 bedrooms and 14 care apartments. Derek Paramanis of Lawrence Baker Ltd oversaw the project, with Heatcare working on the full mechanical and electrical design and installation. Derek noted ‘on the largest project to date by Lawrence Baker, Blenheim Court in Liss, Heatcare carried out the full M&E package working with all the members of the project team, from design to completion. I am extremely happy with the outcome, proud of our coordinated works, and I look forward to working with Heatcare again in the future.’


Fundraising Match for England U15’s
01 May
Joshua Paling‘s been at it again – after bringing back a collective Bronze medal last year at Inniscarra Lake in Ireland, he’s back raising money for the England U15’s team going to Italy for the 11th World Coarse Angling Championships for Youth (U25’s) in August this year.
Unfortunately, the team gets no external funding, and therefore, this year’s trip is going to be extremely costly! You’re looking at travel, accommodation, food and drinks for all the young anglers, their parents and their coaches, which soon far exceeds any parental budgets as I’m sure you can imagine.
Along with Woodhouse Angling centre and the help of his Dad, Mark Paling, and fellow friends in the industry, Josh helped bring everyone together for an awesome fishing match on Sunday, raising a whopping £1444.54 – an amazing total, which the team will collectively decide how to spend where it’s most needed.
Sarah (Media Relations) went along to take some photos and to provide some general support – mainly in the form of folding up one million raffle tickets, helping with the weigh-in and eating delicious cakes made by Josh’s Mum, Zoe.
We’re so proud to have been involved and it’s a pleasure to support Josh on another Team England adventure – the dedication he has for his sport is awesome to see in person (he wouldn’t even look away from the float for a quick photo) and he’s definitely one to watch.
Pinders Healthcare Design Awards
14 Mar

Good Luck to all finalists in the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards 2018 today – in particular to those in our sponsored category – ‘Best Independent Living Scheme’!

Best wishes also go to the projects we did mechanical installations for – Parris Lawn Care Home in Ringmer (Galleon Care) has been nominated for the Best New Care Home – Elderly category, and Baycroft Grays Farm Road in Orpington (One Housing) has received a nomination for Best New Care Home.

A huge good luck to all of those involved and we hope you have a fabulous afternoon at the Lancaster London Hotel!

Hydraulic Interface Boards
05 Mar

Our Hydraulic Interface Boards are fed by the central heating plant using 2 pipes. There are 2 heat exchangers within the board which isolate the unit itself from the main system, essentially creating an isolated ‘mini-system’ within the building. This means that if there is a leak or failure in the system, that leak will not take out an entire building, the mini-system would ensure it would just be contained to the apartment or one area of the building. These boards can be custom made for your building. The example in the photo has been proposed as an example for Extra Care Apartments, and includes: – Underfloor Heating Manifold – Electrical Distribution Board – Heating Controls – Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit – Fuse Switches – Emergency Stop Valves

Mechanical Control Boards
05 Mar

A cheaper alternative to the Hydraulic Interface Unit is our newest pre-fabricated design, the Mechanical Control Board. The hot water is generated at the central heating plant, and fed to the boards via metered pipes. These boards are custom made for your building. The example in the photo has been approved for Affordable Extra Care Apartments, and includes: – Radiator Manifold – Heating Controls – Metered Hot Water – Metered Cold Water – Metered Heating Distribution – Fuse Switches – Emergency Stop Valves

First Fix Ensuite Boards
05 Mar

Along with Heating Interface Units, we also have the ability to pre-fabricate First Fix Ensuite Boards in-house. These pre-fabricated First Fix Ensuite Boards are pre-measured, pre-built and custom-made for each contract we take on, and can be produced in advance of us being able to start fixing ensuites, so like the heating interface units, this process increases productivity and vastly decreases time spent on site trying to first fix in tight spaces. These boards can be custom made for your building and are quality assured. The example on the left includes: – WC Cistern & Pipework – TMV3 Mixers – Stop Valves – Can also be made with pre-fabricated first fix shower pipework, depending on shape of room and measurements etc. If you have any questions or are keen to use our pre-factication options, please do not hesitate to get in touch today!

Heating Interface Units
05 Mar

At Heatcare, we have embraced a new, more modern way of working, ‘the lean way of working’, by pre-fabricating a lot of our items and systems in-house prior to arriving on site. We can pre-fabricate Heating Interface Units in our in-house pre-fabrication workshop, shedding the time we need to spend on site. These pre-fabricated “boiler cupboards” can be made quickly and efficiently as soon as we have your approval, meaning that we are not waiting for different disciplines to finish working before we can start in a particular area – increasing productivity and decreasing time spent trying to work in small, difficult spaces. We currently offer two different kinds of Heating Interface Units. Both units are fully metered for the hot water, mains cold water and heating usage of the unit.

Pebble Mill
05 Mar

We have just completed the Mechanical Services for a new care home at Pebble Mill, Birmingham, which has been chosen as one of the small group of care homes in Bupa’s prestigious new Select Collection – the Select collection ensures ‘the little things in life are protected’, like her perfect gin and tonic, his favourite morning pastry or one and a half sugars in that strong cup of tea.


Pre-fabricated Plant Room Units
05 Mar

We are now able to provide both temporary and pre-fabricated Plant Room Units. These units are design and built off-site, in our pre-fabrication warehouse. We can offer pre-fabricated plant rooms, which can be simply dropped into place and connected on-site, vastly reducing time spent on-site. We are also able to provide temporary plant rooms to keep your building up and running during refurbishments. Our latest boiler house (pictured) has been used for this method.