Good Luck to all finalists in the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards 2018 today - in particular to those in our sponsored category - 'Best Independent Living Scheme'! Best wishes also go to the projects we did mechanical installations for - Parris Lawn Care Home in Ringmer (Galleon Care) has been

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Our Hydraulic Interface Boards are fed by the central heating plant using 2 pipes. There are 2 heat exchangers within the board which isolate the unit itself from the main system, essentially creating an isolated ‘mini-system’ within the building. This means that if there is a leak or failure in

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A cheaper alternative to the Hydraulic Interface Unit is our newest pre-fabricated design, the Mechanical Control Board. The hot water is generated at the central heating plant, and fed to the boards via metered pipes. These boards are custom made for your building. The example in the photo has been approved

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Along with Heating Interface Units, we also have the ability to pre-fabricate First Fix Ensuite Boards in-house. These pre-fabricated First Fix Ensuite Boards are pre-measured, pre-built and custom-made for each contract we take on, and can be produced in advance of us being able to start fixing ensuites, so like

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At Heatcare, we have embraced a new, more modern way of working, ‘the lean way of working’, by pre-fabricating a lot of our items and systems in-house prior to arriving on site. We can pre-fabricate Heating Interface Units in our in-house pre-fabrication workshop, shedding the time we need to spend

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We have just completed the Mechanical Services for a new care home at Pebble Mill, Birmingham, which has been chosen as one of the small group of care homes in Bupa’s prestigious new Select Collection - the Select collection ensures 'the little things in life are protected', like her perfect gin

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We are now able to provide both temporary and pre-fabricated Plant Room Units. These units are design and built off-site, in our pre-fabrication warehouse. We can offer pre-fabricated plant rooms, which can be simply dropped into place and connected on-site, vastly reducing time spent on-site. We are also able to

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At Heatcare, we've recently invested in a new mezzanine floor which is currently being built within our current pre-fabrication workshop. We believe that pre-fabrication increases productivity, increases quality assurance, reduces waste, reduces commissioning times on-site, and all-in-all pre-fabrication is a much more cost-effective solution in the current building services climate. The

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A bit of last minute fundraising at Heatcare raised an awesome £102.50 today in honour of Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day... can you spot the "Christmas jumper"?

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We're thinking about Joshua Paling, who we've sponsored to take part in the World Youth Angling Championships taking place over the course of this week in Ireland! Josh is fishing for the England Under 15's team! A massive good luck from all of us at Heatcare Josh! We hope you get

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